• ProView Displays Showcase Series 3000 Universal Diecast Display Case (Set of 1)


    The Showcase Series 3000 display case offered by ProView Displays is one of the most versatile diecast car display case units in the market place.  Made of extruded anodized aluminum for durability, and consisting of 4 simple components (Background, car base, window, and end caps) with easy expansion capabilities, we're confident this is the only display case you'll ever need to buy.  The Showcase Series 3000 is designed to fit 1:24, 1:32, 1:43, and 1:64 scale cars with the following display options:

    • Race Crowd or Mirror background

    • High Banks track display options (allows for single file display of 1:24 scale cars, or side by side race like action of 1:32, 1:43, and 1:64 scale cars) 

    • 1:64 scale Step Shelf display (allows 1:64 scale cars to be displayed at 3 different step levels)

    All display units come with windows and end caps to fully encase your diecast and protect them from dust.  Additionally, the tongue and groove system allows interlocking to each other when stacking top to bottom.  Shelves can also be aligned and expanded side to side with optional connectors.  All Display Systems are easily mountable with 3/4" Flat Head Screws (not Included).  Installation instructions will be emailed to the buyer upon purchase.

    Unit measures 5.36" tall x 4.25" deep x 48" wide.